Missing Classmates

Here is a list of classmates that we are unable to locate. If you have any information on them, please contact Julie Sparks (Strommer) at:
jcsparkie@yahoo.com or 319-430-6006

Francesca Beddow
Sherri DeGood
Alan Dejeacion
David Dickey
Cissy Dillon
Margareta Dunger
Steven Fiedler
Mary Frederick
Charles Gebert (not to be confused with Chuck Hebert) :)
Pam Heitshusen
Julie Hoffman
Barbara Johnson
Theresa Johnson
Bob Mattes
Kelley Miller
Theresa Michaels (O'Hara)
Patty Nachtwey
James Petersen
Theresa Roskup
Mark Stine
Jeff Strong
Barb Suchomel
Susan Trinder